New Math Game – Mythmatical Battles

Found a great solution for the tediousness of practicing multiplication facts while combining my son’s love of mythology— Mythmatical Battles card game. This cards game where you can pit Norse versus Egyptian or Celtic versus Greek mythological characters was suggested in a recent article, “Math to Inspire (not Perspire)” by Cindy Lind and published in Home Education Magazine. It is right on the mark with my son!

Playing the last few days has been fun! There are strategic ways my son has found to avoid actually using his math facts, such as attacking monsters with his Beowulf card, which automatically defeats any monster. A simple change in strategy on my part defeating Beowulf once he was played in the field, took care of that. The game has enough layers and card combination move to keep players’ interest past a few rounds. Although, my son’s keen memory for all things mythological puts me at a distinct disadvantage.

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