Busy Week

I am hoping the idea of a Blog  to chronicle  our first year of homeschooling won’t be too ambitious. I am finding it hard to carve out the time to post daily (obviously). Shuffling everything domestic and work related to the evenings has filled my evenings.

This week has been great so far.

Monday: spent the day at the zoo gathering data on endangered and threatened animals by continent while also working on alphabetization. With JJ’s learning disabilities tasks like navigating around the alphabet fluidly poses challenges. This is a fun way of working on improving his speed. He also enjoyed his first science class presented by the St. Louis Zoo. There were five other boys in the class on animal adaptions.

Tuesday: Hit the library and did a ton of independent reading. JJ is devouring the Guardians of Ga’Hoole series. In the afternoon we attended our first St. Louis Home Schoolers Network meeting. What a great, diverse, open group of parents. They have a co-op that offers a tremendous variety of courses. I can’t wait to get involved! We ended up hanging out at the park when JJ played for four hours. It was too beautiful to head indoors.

Wednesday: Spend a good portion of the morning at the education psychologist reviewing her test results and observations of son number two. We think we found a talented therapist and one who will be a good fit. The anxiety and worry about this son  exhausts me. JJ went to aikido in the evening.

Today, we are working on long division and multiplication with multi-digit factors; heading to the library; exploring writing in ancient Egypt and Sumer. I hope to add the cuneiform tablet project as well. The new red clay arrived yesterday and it is much softer than the previous batch. The papyrus paper has also arrived for the cartouches.

We need more hours in our day today!

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