More of the Basics with a Touch of Gray

Today was tough on the motivation front. It’s gray and gloomy outside. JJ was sick all day yesterday and had two doctor’s appointments. It was hard for both of us to feel energize and ready to work.

But we muscled through and completed a couple of activities and exercises on common/proper nouns, countable/uncountable nouns and the use of articles. Math was more practice with multiples and factors before we begin our work on division.

We reviewed long vowel spelling patterns, created a spelling chart, and completed e number of exercises, including dictation. The written portion was slow going for JJ. I will probably need to look into Hand Writing Without Tears or adding some sort of modification.

Tonight JJ returns to Aikido lessons. He is also really excited about his first class at the St. Louis Zoo on Monday.  The theme for the Fall sessions is Animal Olympics and the sessions explore different animal features that would be difficult for humans to compete with. Each class includes the opportunity to meet animals up close and create a take-home craft.

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