First Day

Our first day went very well. JJ loved exploring the Latin and Greek roots. Looking to discover the meaning of “photo” lead to a discussion of what photosynthesis and photograph had in common.  It was wonderful to have the time to then research and explore a camera and how photographs are created.

We also spent time organizing and designing the classroom space so he had a voice in his learning environment. I found it particularly sad that one of the things that had him most excited was that he could have a drink while he worked on math.

We ended our math session with a game a cribbage.  My plan is to play a game during every formal math session. Today we continue with a dice game that creates multiplication arrays. This will help create visual images to assist with his recall of math facts. With a student with memory glitches, it’s all about creating the velcro to get the information to stick into his long term memory.

Reading “The Red Pyramid” has inspired our first history unit on ancient Egypt with a focus on Egyptian mythology. After creating a “What You Know. What You Want to Learn. What You’ve Learned” chart we will get online and search for potential resources from our local library.

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