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A Productive Day

It is amazing to me how much JJ and I are able to accomplish in just one day.  For example this morning we covered a lesson on Common Factors and Multiples, researched the engineering of pyramids, independent reading, Greek vocab … Continue reading

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When working with JJ and rote skills like multiplication facts, it is really important to give him plenty of visual models. Multiplication arrays are one such example. They lend themselves to easy connections to Geometry. We also play numerous games … Continue reading

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Meat & Potatoes

This week we delve into the meat and potatoes of the language portion of the curriculum— Classical Latin and Greek roots for vocabulary foundation, VoWac for phonemic awareness, and free choice and nonfiction reading for reading comprehension. To be honest, … Continue reading

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Tree Frogs

The tree frogs arrived yesterday to much excitement. They were delivered while we were at the library researching Ancient Egyptian pyramids and mythology. Older brother number 2 couldn’t wait to sneak a peak and accidently let one of the frogs … Continue reading

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First Day

Our first day went very well. JJ loved exploring the Latin and Greek roots. Looking to discover the meaning of “photo” lead to a discussion of what photosynthesis and photograph had in common.  It was wonderful to have the time … Continue reading

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New Beginnings Founded in Old Roots

The Orchard House Home School blog is named after the long time home of Louisa May Alcott and is where she wrote “Little Women.” Having grown up in Massachusetts, I was fortunate enough to have been able to visit Orchard … Continue reading

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